— Artist: Tomyé

In The Midst of Their Own

Toymé describes her artistic process, “My consistency of drawing ink renderings every day, has amassed into hundreds of images.  They are filed as folders containing landmarks, people, objects, landscapes/cityscapes, nudes, and the preponderance compiled of portraits of musicians. I love music and sketching musicians as they play their instruments. In my studio at home, I reinterpret the drawings as Gouache paintings, I dubbed Linear Paintings. Fast forward at least twenty years. Shifting to fuse glass, the images come to life in light shining through them. Working with glass is more intriguing.”

The Gaze

Tomye is a living artist working in Oakland, California.  Her photo prints are available here in Panorama’s print shop.  Her process involves original photography shot around Oakland, then hand painted with gouache to make each print a piece of original art.

Pave Mint Cameo

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