Grand Avenue “Kinda-Sorta” Ready-Mades

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve been building ready-made frames in various standard sizes from our stock of high-quality moulding. We’re calling them our “Kinda-Sorta” ready-mades, and they’re a terrific way to quickly frame your piece without spending a fortune. Swing by and take a gander at the different colors, finishes, and styles. All of them are priced at 50% retail, and we’re happy to work with you to find the right one for your piece.

Kinda-Sorta Ready-Mades

Speaking of the holidays…

Hot off the press (really!), and just in time for Christmas, it’s Krampus, courtesy of our old pal Monkeynaut (aka Peter Odum). We’re excited to offer four delightful Krampus prints: two white on black, one white on red, and one red-on-black mono print. If you’re naughty, watch out, because Krampus will get you!


Yikes! It’s true that holiday deadlines are looming, and we’re no exception. If you need your piece(s) completed in time for Christmas, well, you’ve missed our deadline. All is not lost! If you bring them in this week, and the moulding you choose is in stock, we can still complete your project in time. At this point, however, you’ll be paying a rush fee, we’re sorry to say. Yeah, we’re bummed, too. Bring in your art, anyway, and we’ll figure it out with you.

Meanwhile, as we continue our website redesign (we really are working on it!), please enjoy this eclectic selection of recent pieces we crafted with you, our customers.

Your PFI Crew,

Scot, Sherry, Stephen, Ted, & Thomas