— Artist: Laura Schatzkin

les-mots-justeLaura Schatzkin is an Oakland based artist whose works are inspired by the idea of the individual in the wilderness, whether it be human or beast.  Laura describes her attraction to natural beauty, saying,  “Sometimes this beauty is just a small element we catch while traversing the concrete: the color of the sky, the fog rolling in, or a glimpse of the hills in the distance.  Some of us spend the time and effort to find our way to the wildness.  I am a person who regularly goes to the wild spaces but also the wilds find its way into me, deep into me. Each piece has a complex mood that draws on archetypal figures of an unusual world that features nakedness, animals, and nature.”  Laura focuses on using simplistic black lines and minimal palate in her works.  

Ms. Wolf and Ms. Rabbit


Laura Schatzkin has multiple editions of giclée prints currently available at Panorama.

Find more information about Laura and her process at her website  http://www.schatzkin.com

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