Artist: Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Joe Wirtheim and his project is something crafted in collaboration with others at a tiny, eco-conscious communication design studio in Portland, Oregon.

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow is Joe’s poster design project committed to civic innovation and social progress — better food, better gardens, and better cities. Made for families, teachers, gardeners and world-changers these dozen or so poster illustrations are fun and inspiring.  The whole collection, with its passion for empowerment and doing, make for great gifts to those Americans young and old who strive for health and progress.

Originally from a working-class suburb of Dayton, Ohio where Joe first studied industrial engineering, he was 25 when he quit his engineering job to go back to school for graphic design at a community college.

“I painted houses and worked at a food co-op to make it happen. By 2007 I had begun screen-printing posters that were retro yet modern and spoke to an alternative narrative for Americans. I just saw things differently and I wanted to begin demonstrating something positive. A move to Portland enabled more school: a B.S. in Communication, Urban Studies and Journalism. And now a design studio where I’m constantly over-using the word ‘neat'”.

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