Artist: Sergio Galicia


Sergio Galicia is a native of El Paso, Texas and thanks to a drive through Yosemite when he was young, now a Californian. This Oakland resident is equal parts rock climber, garden educator, and stay at home dad, Sergio has long framed the world through a camera’s lens. His passion for landscape photography began during his eight years working and climbing in Yosemite National Park in the 90s, and his adventures have allowed him to capture the outdoors from Yosemite, to Yellowstone, to Joshua Tree, on down to Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. As much as he’s drawn to stunning backdrops he’s equally taken by the everyday wonders in his backyard, the majestic sequoia’s in Oakland’s Big Trees grove, a puddle’s reflection roadside in Central California, the rust on gold-rush era spokes, a lone oak on an east bay hillside, a dew drop’s stance at first light. Sergio’s goal is to capture places (people!) and things in their most spectacular light, a challenge and a thrill he welcomes each day.

“I wanted others to experience the no-words-to-describe beauty I have seen in my travels and adventures. Over the years I’ve learned that photos can rarely truly capture the full magic of a moment, sometimes, maybe, we capture something magical. I shoot to capture the amazing-ness of the world around us. The grand things that leave me in awe and the things with such simple beauty we often miss.”

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