Artist: Rebecca Peters

me_press3-300x200Peters’ artwork is inspired by the simple aesthetic of children’s books. Her collages and linocuts correspond with poems Peters writes while creating her artwork. A color or texture applied to create each scene, where you seem to catch a glimpse in the middle a story unfolding.

Reb Peters Press offers careful, precise, letterpress printing services for: business cards, wedding invitations, custom letterhead, brochures, menus, birth announcements and more. Reb Peters Press is housed amongst hundreds of other artists and craftspeople located in the American Steel building in Oakland, CA.

jump_color_cropped“I work intuitively to create a scene that strikes the right cord.  In general, my main goal is to make something that is meaningful and beautiful and to share a piece of my inner world. These worlds are stripped free of politics, buildings, gadgets, etc., and get to the heart of what matters.”

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