Artist: Karen Frey


My work is a window to my life. I paint what I see,know, love and find entertaining. While my work is representational, my challenge is to question what I am actually seeing. I must interpret reality into an organized array of shapes, colors, and marks.

Equally compelling is my fascination with technical applications. Challenging myself technically keeps me fluctuating between elation and frustration. My most successful works come about when I set ego aside and honor the potential of my materials. This is when I become a conduit between materials and art.


“B A R T” – watercolor 24″ x 18″

I paint in both watercolor and encaustic. While these two mediums may seem as opposing as water and wax, they oddly share common characteristics. Most notable, they both encompass fluidity and transparency. While watercolor is a taxing medium, encaustic becomes a formidable adversary with the incorporation of fire.

The content of my work suggest a narrative. I prefer a vague tale, allowing my viewer to engage in a personal interpretation. I utilize this same approach when painting. Audience participation is a requisite to translating my colors, shapes and curious edges into something tangible.

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