Artist: Alden Olmsted

356ec8514a65480aaa45605cd1d95d69_ahy53v“My line drawings began on the edges of schoolwork and on the bulletins of small country churches. My near-sightedness meant that these drawings were fairly small and hard to read – esp. for intrusive adult eyes.”

Taking a break from screenwriting in late 2009, Alden began to look through some of these old drawings, finding maps of towns and directions Рdrawn for friends prior to the internet. It occurred to him these were too intricate and interesting to be sitting in a file somewhere so Alden took a few samples and began sending them around, and after a few tweaks Рlike adding color (!) he received nearly unanimous interest and support.

Currently the maps, of more than 20 cities and states, have found their way onto postcards, notecards, magnets, posters, and T-Shirts, and are available at over 75 locations around California, including prominent spots like The Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, Muir Woods and of course, Panorama Framing Inc.


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