Macrocosms: Acrylics & Monotypes by Irene Nelson

25 June

sm-201507_Postcard_002-oMacrocosms: Acrylics & Monotypes by Irene Nelson

Nelson states her works are acts of discovery, asking the continual, ‘what if?’ On her recent body of works featured in Macrocosms: Acrylics & Monotypes by Irene Nelson, she says, “I’m fascinated by the way that one move or gesture limits the field, or suggests a new direction. The process is a dance between thinking and not thinking, balancing patience with spontaneity. It is an act of faith.”

Working as a local artist and printmaker at Kala Institute in Berkeley (and with over 30 years experience working as a graphic designer in the Bay Area), Nelson considers herself a visual problem-solver. Incorporating a variety of mixed media design, etching, intaglio printing, and chine-collé into her unique design sense; Nelson subconsciously plots each resulting combination of techniques. She creates macrocosms – assemblages where viewers navigate a universe of shapes and brushstrokes punctuated with gestural etching marks and mixed media collage gathered from years of experience.

“Along the way, there are moments of surrender that resulted in the warmth and depth of the tones, subtle whites and smoky blacks—a richly expressive visual poetry uniting observation, image and process.”

As a designer, Nelson immerses herself in the creative process—working to discover imagery that has always already been there, or waiting for it to emerge—the creative process itself becomes the answer to the ‘what if?’ question. Her visual acuity has informed her painting and printmaking, leading her to exhibit her artwork throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Fort Mason Artist’s Gallery.

Macrocosms: Acrylics & Monotypes by Irene Nelson

July 2nd – August 30th

First Thursday Artist Receptions:

July 2nd 6:00 – 9:00pm
August 6th 6:00 – 9:00pm

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